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Solo Show, September 2021

CF2021 1000.jpg

Salt Spring Public Library

Photosynthesis, August 2021

PS2021 1500.jpg


Eclectic Visions , June 2021

Covid Times 1 1000.jpg


Covid Times 2 1000.jpg


Photosynthesis, August 2020

Alien DNA 1280.jpg

Alien DNA

Eclectic Visions, June 2020

Hallucination (COVID Visible)

SSPC Lobby Show, January 2020

Death in Fulford (Winter Marker)

PhotoFest, Salt Spring Wild Cider House, June 2019

Lunar Lunch

Eclectic Visions, June 2019

Photographic Concurrence 

SSPC Lobby Show, January 2019

Burning Crucifix copy 1000.jpg

Burning Crucifix

Solo Show, September 2018

Art Show McMillin September 2018 (2 fina

Salt Spring Public Library

Photosynthesis, August 2018

Death in Fulford on white, adjusted 1080

Death in Fulford (triptych)

Eclectic Visions, May 2018

Local Film Stars 1080.png

Local Film Stars (expired 35mm film, double exposures)

SSPC Lobby Show, January 2018

Portrait of a Woman (Bottle Seller) 1080

Bottle Seller (Portrait of a Woman)

Parallel Art Show, October 2017

Burnt Grass 3 1080.jpg

Burnt Grass

Eclectic Visions, June 2017

Soft Lake 1080.jpg

Soft Lake

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